Community Consultation on EmployerOne Survey

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09 November 2018 09:55

Every year around this time, we review the EmployerOne Survey questionnaire to ensure that the questions included for the January data collection are important, relevant, and reflect on the labour market challenges faced by the local employers.

We invite you to discuss/submit questions that you believe will provide answers to the community regarding labour issues experienced by local employers (e.g. hire, separations, availability of talent, methods of recruitment, education and training, apprenticeship, etc.).

View the EmployerOne Survey from last year to get a sense of what was investigated in the past. Many of these questions are still relevant for the next data collection. However, every year we have an opportunity to include a new set of questions, and abandon any irrelevant ones.

Reminder: the EmployerOne Survey is an ivestigative tool designed to discover labour issues faced by local employers. It complements Statistics Canada’s portfolio of employer labour surveys by examining more in depth local labour related aspects.

Find below a brief summary of suggestions from the Expert Advisory Group on Local Labour Market Information and Forecasting made during a consultative meeting. We look forward to receiving your suggestions and potentially discussing them in this forum.

EmployerOne Survey discussion summary:
- How is this information being used? (planning, grant applications, infographics, …)

Hiring of temporary foreign workers. Or seasonally workers.
- What types of training have you offered in the past 12 months? (list)
- How is the training provided? Where is provided?
- Was the training provided effective? In what proportion did it improve workforce skills?
- Did you provide ongoing training for the staff that you employ in the past 12 months?

Effectiveness of the training
- What type of training was offered to the new employees?
- Which of the following strategies to enhance your workforce development? (conferences, webinars, …..)

Effects of the minimum wage increase
- Did you reduce your workforce due to the change in minimum wage? If yes, how many positions?
- What happened in your organization in response to the increase of minimum wage: (reduced # of hours, cut # of people, cut costs other than labour, …)

Living wage
- What proportion of your current labour force earns less than $18 (living wage in London Economic Region)?

- Are you using any of the following recruitment methods? (list all with a check box) – instead of ranking
- Under section 10. Recruitment
- Merge the “Did you use a free government funded employment service agency for general employment?” and “ Did you use a free government-funded employment agency to recruit any of the following?” into one question.