Are you ready for a local labour market that works? Dozens of community partners attended the official launch of the London area Local Employment Planning Council pilot project at Armatec Survivability on Thursday May 5 th , 2016. The goal of the project is to create a local labour market that works for employers by helping them find the talent they need now and ensuring that employers will be able to find the talent they need in the future. It’s also a local labour market that works for people, by creating the local pathways for them to be able to build the skills that will see them employed now and in the future.

Helping kick off the project, keynote speaker, Brock Dickinson, CEO of MDB Insight was invited to speak about the future of workforce development in the 21 st Century economy. "We often say that a new economy requires a new kind of economic development. As we move into the 'knowledge' focused economy of the 21 st century we have to recognize that the traditional tools and approaches we used in economic development don’t always work and we have to think about things like workforce as a key component of what drives the economy and what drives a community’s opportunities," said Dickinson.

The Local Employment Planning Council will extend labour market planning enhancement across the Cities of London and St. Thomas as well as the Counties of Elgin, Middlesex, and Oxford.

"This work will not be done in isolation. We recognize the fantastic workforce planning activity in existence within our area. Through this Local Employment Planning Council pilot we wish to engage and connect with these planning processes. Our strength, as a labour market, must be shared across the entire region - with opportunity created for all individuals. That opportunity however will only be seized if our businesses are able to grow and prosper as well," said Jean Pierre Cantin, Co-Chair of the Central Planning Table.