In February, the Local Employment Planning Council brought service providers throughout the London Economic Region together to share Labour Market Information (LMI) and discuss how we, as a community, can respond to it.

These Integrated Planning Sessions were attended by representatives from Employment Services, Literacy, Ontario Works/ODSP, Disability support services, Economic Development Offices, and more. Across this broad range of services, participants engaged in discussion both as a large group, and at smaller break-out stations examining the following specific LMI reports:

The first three in a series of six sector-specific labour market reports examining employment within Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Logistics. Highlights included an examination of the current landscape in each of these fields, upcoming changes expected to impact the workforce, and specific skills needed to work in these sectors – both today and in the future. Conversation at this station focused on the development of coordinated services that speak to the needs of key employment sectors in our region, and an interest in other local industries to be highlighted (Retail, Healthcare, and Construction). To access the sector-specific reports released to date, please click here.

A report summarizing the discussions held at six well-attended Apprenticeship Information Sessions held with educators and service providers throughout the London Economic Region. The report focused in part on challenges related to promoting apprenticeship, and outlined several potential action items to help clarify the available pathways into the trades in Ontario, and market this valuable industry throughout the London Economic Region. To access the Apprenticeship Report, please click here.

The results of the first two phases of a Labour Market Participation study funded through the Local Employment Planning Council, which examines why the London Economic Region is facing the second-lowest participation rate in Ontario. Non-participants are those who have elected to neither work, nor look for a job, and a particular focus of this report was on declining participation among those in their prime working years (ages 25 to 54). Rich discussions were held around how systems can change to accommodate those facing barriers preventing them from actively seeking employment. To access the phase 1 & 2 Participation Study Report, please click here.

When planning services to support local job seekers, using accurate and up-to-date Labour Market Information (LMI) is critical. The Local Employment Planning Council is committed to sharing LMI with local stakeholders in the methods and formats most useful to them. To that end we will continue developing reports such as the ones described above, will offer summary data both in tip sheets and via short webinars, and will host additional community sessions like these. If there are other ways that you would like to receive LMI, please let us know by contacting us at