#LEPCRealityCheck twitter chat aims to end myths surrounding the world of work.

Certain myths about the world of work can stand in the way of job seekers connecting with rewarding careers. Accurate facts will be shared on Twitter (@LEPC_EMO) using the hashtag #LEPCRealityCheck, allowing job seekers to get the latest information about work. Even employers who take part could learn something new about job seekers they’ve never considered before.  Check out the three myths that have already been uploaded to the Local Employment Planning Council website: www.localemploymentplanning.ca/reality-check. At the end of each month until June 2018, a community-wide twitter chat will be held with the hashtag #LEPCRealityCheck.

 “The manufacturing industry is not dying, in fact, it is evolving. People are not aware of the possibilities in manufacturing when picking a career or starting a new one. Everyone I know in the industry is looking for new employees that want to learn and grow inside their businesses, but to be rewarded with these opportunities for training and advancement, you need to put in time and hard work. It can be an extremely rewarding career designing and building something with your hands” tweeted Devin McRae, General Manager of Forest City Castings in St. Thomas.

Quick Facts:

  • In 2016 there were 50,300 people employed within the manufacturing industry in the London Economic Region (LER). The LER includes Oxford, Elgin and Middlesex County and the City of London and City of St. Thomas. (Stats Can, CANSIM 282-0125)
  • Employment in the manufacturing industry has increased, adding close to 8,000 new jobs to the region since 2014.  (Stats Can, CANSIM 282-0125)
  • The average salary for manufacturing-related occupations was $41,500 in 2016. (CEB TALENT NEURON)
  • Occupations currently in demand: Machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting trades (NOC 92), Supervisors, assembly and fabrication (NOC 63), Other Engineers (NOC 62), Labourers in processing, manufacturing, and utilities (NOC 53).  (CEB TALENT NEURON)

Upcoming Twitter Chats

Last Tuesday of the Month, 11:30am to 12:30pm.

  • November – Workplace literacy
  • December – Apprenticeship (Tuesday, the 19th)
  • January – Employees with disabilities
  • February – Jobs and the economy
  • March - Workplace diversity
  • April – Multi-generational workforce
  • May - Construction
  • June – Technology