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Please reach out to us, if you would like to be involved in one of the actions.

Expanding current understanding of local labour market issues and needs and improving access to labour market information resources.

  • Action 1: Create an interactive local labour market information website that builds on the existing www.worktrends.ca website.

Serving as a central point of contact and key facilitator for linking employers, service providers, other ministries/levels of government and other community groups. Through collaborative planning, identify and respond to challenges, opportunities, and gaps related to employment, training, human and social service. 

  • Action 2: Hold a local workforce summit on employment.

Acting as a hub for connecting employers, industry associations, and sector groups with appropriate employment and training services to address their workforce development needs.

  • Action 3: Create an online "Apprenticeship Toolbox" that encourages employers to hire more apprentices and guide them through their apprenticeship.
  • Action 4: Work with stakeholders and employment service providers to create a talent hub for positions in-demand.

Collaborating with community stakeholders to develop projects related to the research and piloting of innovative approaches to address local labour market issues or opportunities. 

  • Action 5: A Call for Proposal for a local community stakeholders to develop and pilot an innovative approach to connect job seekers to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Action 6: Create two videos highlighting the impact of public employment and training organizations.

Working with provincial and community organizations (including other LEPC's) to indentify and share local best practices that could inform action in other areas.

  • Action 7: Develop a searchable digital catalogue of existing adult education opportunities within the London Economic Region. 
  • Action 8: Create a marketing campaign that shares local workplace realities.