Are you looking to hire someone with a specialized skill-set? It can be difficult to find someone with a highly specialized skill who is also the right match for your company but not when you’re connected to the London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council (LMIEC) Job Match Network. The network provides an integrated job matching service for internationally trained immigrants and employers in Southwestern Ontario. In collaboration with community partners, the network attracts, screens, short-lists and markets qualified talent for jobs that are going un-filled in the London region.

“We’ve had nothing but success [working with the LMIEC Job Match Network],” says Moe Mohamed, Manager Human Resources & Business Partner for Robarts Clinical Trials.  Robarts provides medical research and clinical trials services for large pharma companies; employing physicians, data managers, statisticians, biostatisticians, medical imaging specialists and project managers to name just a few of the highly specialised roles.

“[Through the LMIEC job matching network] we worked with WIL Employment Connections and they referred us to several qualified candidates that went through our recruitment process and were recently hired,” Mohamed explains. “We find the talent we need and the candidate comes with global experience, bringing new and innovative ideas and diversity to our workplace.” 

While Robarts utilizes the network to tap into hidden talent, it also demonstrates its support of/belief in the benefits of new Canadian talent as a member of the LMIEC Leadership Council and a Corporate Champion of the LMIEC Mentorship for Immigrant Employment programs. This means the organization provides guidance on the needs of employers, has agreed to find mentors within their company to take part in the programs and helps create additional program awareness.

Corporate Recruiter for Robarts, Robert Pitman says it’s been a great experience both ways. “Not only do the mentees get a better understanding of the workplace and learn more about the sector-specific language used in Canada, they establish some valuable networking contacts to help them in the future.” Pitman explains, “… as a mentor, it’s given some of our management staff a chance to grow their leadership and communication skills. The mentor also gets to be a part of helping the mentee discover their career potential in a relaxed atmosphere. The mentorship program really appeals to some of our staff as they see it making a difference in their community.”

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